This page includes samples of people who graduated in Telecommunications Engineering in Bologna in the past years. The page is continuously under progress...

Feel free to contact them to have a glimpse of what studying (Telecommunications Engineering) in Bologna means.

If you wish to have a very preliminary idea about the jobs this Programme allows to undertake, this page gives some information.

Cristian Nasuti - cristian.nasuti[at]
Accenture - Experienced System Assistant
Graduated in 2010.
I always wanted to be an engineer and a passion for the world of telecommunications was born during higher education. This passion grew while studying at the University of Bologna, where I have acquired an efficient method for approaching problems and expertise in the field of telecommunications systems in wireless and wired networks. These skills allowed me a rapid entry into employment, where I currently work as System Assistant in Accenture.
Beatrice Bufano - beatrice.bufano[at]
Graduated in 2009.
I chose to study Telecommunications Engineering in Bologna right after high school. I knew I wanted to live in a city that was big enough to provide everything a young person might need, yet not too large to be dispersive and frantic. I was right: the atmosphere in Bologna is cool and relaxed, and I really enjoyed living there.
Moreover, studying Telecommunications in Marconi’s hometown is something. I was in the right place to learn about Signals and Radio Systems, which are among the subjects I like the most.
I’m currently working as Analyst in a well-known Consulting firm. The method I learnt while studying Engineering enables me to easily understand and analyze problems and I currently apply it in every situation that needs to be fixed, no matter if it is a financial issue or a technical one. Solving problems is the main aim of my job, and it is really what you learn to do when studying Telecommunication Engineering in Bologna.
Azzurra la Torre - azzurra.latorre[at]
Deutsche Telekom AG – Project Security Manager
Graduated in 2009.
I decided to complete my Master Degree in Telecommunication Engineering, spending one year in the TKN Group at Technische Universitaet in Berlin to develop my degree thesis. Working in harness with a Senior Researcher, German and foreigner colleagues, I realized that the Italian background is one of the strongest one. Thanks to that, it was not so difficult for me to get an internship of 6 months in Operations Security Management at T-Mobile Deutschland in Muenster.
Currently I work in the Group IT Security and precisely in the Security in the Access and Transport Network team at Deutsche Telekom AG in Bonn. Even if I could not speak a perfect German, thanks to the strong technical know-how gained to the University of Bologna, I could fulfil my dream to work in Germany for one of the most important telecommunication company in the world. I am very happy to have studied in Bologna because besides to be the oldest university and one of the best of Europe, it is also a very beautiful medieval city, where it is possible to enjoy the typical student life.
Valeria Petrini - valeria.petrini[at]
Fondazione Ugo Bordoni – PhD student
Graduated in 2009.
When I finished high school I was very confused about my future. I loved maths and scientific subjects but I had no clear ideas on which university to choose. I decided to enrol to Telecommunications Engineering because it could give me the possibility to have a good preparation in scientific subjects and at the same time it could open more choices of jobs compared to other faculties. Now I’m very happy for the choice that I did: the subjects that I’ve studied are very interesting, the teachers very prepared and the course of study well organized. Furthermore I had the possibility to spend six months abroad to prepare my final thesis. It was a very useful experience because it made me growth both in terms of knowledge and as a person.
Currently, I’m doing the PhD in Telecommunications Engineering in Bologna and I’m very satisfied for my experience till now.
Enrico Ermanno Dall'Ara - enricoermanno.dallara[at]
Teknesi - System Engineer
Graduated in 2008.
I graduated in 2008 with a thesis over the Wireless Protocol 802.11p. After my graduation I started a post-lauream course in Information Security and the background I learnt during Telecommunication master was determinant for achieving the end of the course. I got also a certification in system and network adiministration, issued by two big companies of the IT industry.
That knowledge, in conjunction with the strong skills that I learned while attending the MSc in Telecomunications Engineering, lead me to a career in Network and system Engineering, which I am very glad and determined to pursue.
Moreover during my graduation path, thanks to the university, I had the chance to go in France, where I spent one year within the Erasmus Project, one of the best period of my life.
Although I am very happy for my job and the experience I am acquiring, I miss university a lot, expecially the beautiful environment of Bologna and the good community there used to be inside Engineering faculty.
Michele Rondinone - mrondinone[at]
Uwicore (Ubiquitous Wireless Communications Research Laboratory, University Miguel Hernández of Elche, Spain) - Research Engineer
Graduated in 2007.
As many other Italian and international students, I moved from my hometown to Bologna after the high school to start my academic studies. At that time, I was seduced by the prestige hold by the University of Bologna at national and international level as well as by the reputation of the city as a good place to live, especially for young people.
Looking back at my University years, I have to admit that everything was up to my expectations. I decided to study Telecommunication Engineering due to my interest in technical topics and new technologies that, applied to communication-related aspects, reveal their potential in making people’s everyday life better. The Bachelor and Master Degree in Telecommunications Engineering of the University of Bologna did stimulate my enthusiasm thanks to the quality of their classes, the expertise of the teaching staff and the goodness of the related activities.
The unique atmosphere of the city of Bologna gave me the opportunity to get in touch with wonderful people, in the academic environment as well as out of it. Many of the people known and many of the experiences collected in Bologna influenced my subsequent choices, and still do. One of them: the desire to experience new situations and discover new things. In fact, I completed my MSc with a study period in the department of Wireless Network of the University of Aachen (Germany), where I later on started to work as a research engineer. After that, I moved to Spain, where I am currently employed as a researcher at the University Miguel Hernández of Elche.
Luca Giuliani - luca.giuliani[at]
Eurocom Telecomunciazioni - R&D Team Leader
Graduated in 2005.
I studied at Bologna University and I got the Master Degree in Telecommunication Engineering. It was a very interesting period of my life: meeting many people and living in a city made for students provided me a good academic experience. Moreover the gained academic know-how allowed me to work as R&D engineer in Railway and Professional Communication field.
Today I work as R&D Team Leader in Eurocom Telecomunicazioni: we are Motorola and Selex Distributor and Application Partner for PMR and Trunking Radio System. I think my technical and managment skills both belong to my academic background.
Francesco Mete - f.mete[at]
EBWorld - Business Development
Graduated in 2004.
After getting the Master Degree I had the opportunity to join Roberto Verdone's staff working in a project committed by an important Italian mobile phone provider.
Then I’ve reached EBWorld, an interesting ICT company. After spending some years in EBWorld as consultant for TLC customers, now I’m one of the owners of the company and I’m responsible for business development. Everyday I handle different issues and opportunities and I try to understand, together with my team, how customers needs can be best fulfilled.
I face the main heritage of my academic experience every time I deal with challenges, problems and decision-making issues using a good technical background and a scientific methodology in approaching all the tasks.
The efficient organization of courses and the high level preparation of instructors have made my academic years unique and unforgettable.
Finally, living in Bologna was an exiting experience, too. The city offers many choices for cultural, educational and social activities in a pluralistic and vibrant students community.
Francesco Piunti - francesco.piunti[at]
Datalogic Automation – Product Marketing Manager
Graduated in 2004.
I moved in Bologna for my University studies and I'm currently living here since more then 10 years.
I finalized my studies in Telecommunication Engineering in Roberto Verdone's team, where I had the great opportunity to get the hands on wireless sensor networks.
I joined Datalogic then, a worldwide leading company in the Automatic Identification and Data Capture market, focusing on bar code readers, data collection mobile computers, RFID and vision systems. After a couple of years spent in the technical support department, I'm now in charge of Product Marketing Management for Camera based product range, where I'm responible of the entire life-cycle of product, from the early definition to the obsolescence.
Engineering studies have given me the compelling attitude to problem analysis and solving, supporting me now to get decisions in relevant or critical situations.
Daniele Sangiorgi - daniele.sangiorgi[at]
ASTER – Project Manager
Graduated in 2003.
After my degree, at the end of 2003, I joined Roberto Verdone's staff to carry out research on wireless sensor networks and transmissions systems like OFDM and MC-CDMA. There I had also the opportunity to work on projects at European level such as the COST initiative and the NEWCOM network of excellence and so to get in touch with several international research groups with which collaborate and share knowledge. It has been an unique experience which taught me a lot and gave me much more than simple technical skills, taking me to a professional and cultural growth.
In 2005 I joined ASTER, which is the Consortium among the Emilia-Romagna Regional Government, the five Universities, the National Research Centres located in the region - ENEA and CNR - and the Entrepreneurial Associations of the Region. In ASTER I am in charge to design and manage projects in the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) field and to carry out activities in the context of the Emilia-Romagna Regional ICT Plan. What I learnt during my academic experience as well as during the year of research activity allowed me to have both technical and organizational skills to manage and coordinate projects, being able to be the 'link' between the research and the industrial world.
Paolo Zaffoni - paolo.zaffoni[at]
Alstom Transport - System Engineer
Graduated in 2001.
The actual passion on telecommunication started during my last years of study within the courses on computer networks fields and on the wave of explosive popularity of Internet and growth of WWW universe in those years.
That passion contributed to get first the Master Degree in telecommunication engineering and, at the end of 2004, the PhD with a research project dealing with design and management of high-performance Networks.
The gained know-how in innovative communication systems and the experience in problem solving techniques were assumed to be significant and strategic by Alstom Transport I joined in 2005.
I am now product leader of a supervisory product for railway interlocking systems addressing different European markets, giving my contribution for product management, project coordination and design specifications to meet quality, cost and delivery targets.
Claudia Nardi - Claudia.Nardi[at]
Vodafone - Key Account Manager
Graduated in 1998.
I work in Vodafone Sales Corporate Business Unit as Key Account Manager.
Engineering degree has improved my analysis and synthesis ability, while the telecommunication specialization has given me the knowledge useful to understand and to follow the communication evolution in our world. Thanks to this knowledge I am able to work with large Company Directors, helping them to bring in their companies value chain the suitable communications instruments.
My Degree has also allowed me to work in Technology and in Research & Development Departments, before working in a Sales Business Unit.
Andrea Piazza - andrea.piazza[at]
Laboratori Guglielmo Marconi S.p.A. - Senior Engineer
Graduated in 1993.
After an one year fellowship owner as a researcher of the National Research Council (CNR), I worked for Laboratori Guglielmo Marconi S.p.A. (Pontecchio Marconi, Bologna), a spin-off situated in front of Fondazione Guglielmo Marconi (Villa Griffone), where Guglielmo Marconi starded his first radio experiments. Thanks to the strong backgound in telecommunications provided by my University studies, I could develop a vary interesting technical and management career as consultant, designer and testing engineer, especially for the public sector in Italy and Europoean Projects in wired and wireless Telecommunications applicated to many and different sectors, from Public Transports to Public Administrations, Health Care, etc..
Francesca Sorci - francesca.sorci[at]
Graduated in 2010.

Since I was a child I always had a passion for mathematics, so I felt a vocation to the faculty of science. I was sure of the city where I wanted to spend my time at university: Bologna. A town very suitable for students, full of offers and proposals for young people and also a city of history and culture. When the time has come to choose the faculty , I found in Engineering the best combination of mathematics and the real-world applications and over the years my passion has increased in the field of Telecommunications and in the charm of all the technologies involved in today's world. After graduating I worked in faculty for six months thanks to a research grant and immediately after that I had the opportunity to work as a consultant on a project in Vodafone, thanks to strong multi-disciplinary training that offers a degree in Telecommunications Engineering. In fact, in this project are required scientific skills but also managerial and organizational skills that are enclosed in a degree in Telecommunications Engineering: analyzing and solving problems.

Alexandru Railenau - sandu_railenau[at]
Azcom Technology
Graduated in 2012.

I was always fascinated of the technology, so for me, chosing to study the telecommunications was very natural. Studying at University of Bologna helped me to deeper my knowledge in this field and develop an analytic method of solving any technical problem. For the disertation I had the oportunity to work 6 months in the Wireless Sensor Network laboratory, where I could learn how a project is performed and which are the daily issues to deal with. I think this experience helped me a lot to understand how is to work as an engineer. Now I work with Azcom Technology where I develop the firmware for UMTS physical layer, thanks to the basis of this standard that I studied at Bologna University. I believe that being an engineer is more than someone who understands how the things work, but to put together ideas from different areas and to creare something new. Also, I think that as telecom engineer, it's my duty to improve the intercommunication between human kind and machines, whatever they may be.